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    I fell in love with a really old friend of mine two years ago while I was spending an extended amount of time in my home town. It only lasted three months and then I had to go back home, so we ended it(very reluctantly on my part). I was holding a torch for him, but he got engaged about 3 months later. I thought it was a little weird since he was in his forties and had never been married and had no children. Anyway, it seemed like the universe was orchestrating this match, even though it maybe wasn't the best timing. He's married now, so I know I shouldn't still be thinking about him, but I do. I feel like we will be together eventually, although of course I'm not going to do anything to actively make that happen. I don't want to have an affair with him or be the one to break up his marriage. I'm keeping my distance. I don't contact him at all, and I'm happily going about my life, enjoying every part of it. Meaning, I'm not sitting on my couch crying and waiting for him to leave his wife. So I asked about us being soul mates and got>57. Line 3 is weird as it talks about three people becoming 2 and line 5 basically says fate is on your side and you will achieve the object of your enquiry. I'm willing to wait. I've already waited two years. I'm not interested in dating or having superficial relationships. I know what I want and I'm fine going about my life until the universe brings us back together. I hope I don't sound crazy to you guys. Anyway, what do y'all think about this reading? Thank you!